Monday, October 22, 2012

Indian Corn Cookies

These are so cute for Fall and Thanksgiving! They are also super delicious - you can't just eat one!

Indian Corn Cookies
  • 1 pkg frozen sugar cookie dough
  • 1 can Pillsbury cream cheese frosting
  • 8 boxes of Reeses Pieces
  • 4 boxes of fruit roll ups (the multi-color kind are the only ones that have the color green in them)
Preheat oven according to directions on cookie dough package. Shape cookie dough square into a corn shape (pointed at the top and flat on bottom). Lay on cookie sheet. Bake according to directions. Cool 10 minutes. Spread frosting on top. Dot with rows of Reeses pieces. Take roll ups that have green in them. Carefully cut out the green strips. Cut into skinny triangles and place on the bottom of cookies for the husks. Enjoy!

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