Monday, September 20, 2010

Crispy Fries & Savory Dip

This all American dish is really easy to make. My sister and I used to make this at college. I now use the Tater Twister machine to quickly slice my potatoes into curly fries. It's fun for the kids too. We serve our fries hot with a homemade burger and this time around with a fruit salad which I included the recipe for above.

To make the dinner fun and easy clean up, I use parchment paper and hamburger baskets to serve our burgers and paper hot dog holders for the fries. This is great for a homemade fast food, in-door, pic-nic!

Crispy Fries

  • 5-6 medium sized potatoes sliced into thin fries
  • 1 bottle of canola oil
  • lemon pepper
Quick tip: To cook faster and ensure more crispiness, boil your fries for 10 minutes before frying them. Then place in pot of boiling oil for 10-15 minutes. Otherwise place raw fries into boiling oil and fry for 30 minutes. The longer the better. It's not until the last 5-8 minutes that they become crispy. Remove with metal tongs or strainer into paper towel. Sprinkle lemon pepper and serve with dip.

Savory Fry Sauc

  • 2 Tbsp mayonaise
  • 1 Tbsp Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce
  • 1 Tbsp ketchup
Mix together and serve. Makes about 2 servings.

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