Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Free Offer!

FREE 30 Pedicure Treatments

It's about time I reward all my readers with something besides great recipes! Okay, so you all know that I cook for fun but I also own Hydroheel LLC. Hydroheel is the greatest product in the world for dry feet! I'm not just saying that because I invented it - you'll have to read my story when you visit the website to find out what I'm talking about. This offer is an online offer only (not valid at salons and spas where Hydroheel is sold).

Go to and enter code 4FREE on your Google checkout order (coupon not valid for paypal) and receive a Hydroheel 30 Day Kit (valued at $24.95) for free.

Hydroheel is a pedicure treatment that transforms dry, cracked feet instantly. Get the results of a professional pedicure without the price. A Hydroheel 30 Day Kit contains about 30 treatments (comparable to 30 pedicures). That's a real savings of $600.

Hydroheel is the only pedicure treatment that allows you to go about your busy day, being on your feet while getting an amazing pedicure treatment at the same time! You'll save time, money and effort. No more scrubbing and filing - just a simple rub on treatment!!

Your welcome!! I'd love to hear how it works for your feet!


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